Haiti police fear the worst in search for missing journalist

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Port-au-Prince (AFP)

Haiti's national police said Monday it fears a "fatal outcome" in the case of a photojournalist, Vladjimir Legagneur, who has been missing for 12 days.

The 30-year-old was last seen March 14 when he left home on a reporting assignment in Grand-Ravine, one of Port-au-Prince's poorest neighborhoods and in recent years the scene of violent gang wars.

"We have for the moment no trace or sign of him," said Frant Lerebours, the spokesman for the national police.

"In these kinds of cases, where there have been no demands for ransom, we fear a fatal outcome," he said.

Legagneur's wife, Fleurette Guerrier, began looking for her husband on the evening of March 14 when she had not heard from him.

After two days, she filed a report with Haitian authorities.

Rumors he may have been assassinated have circulated in media cricles, but his family and friends are pressing the authorities for action.

"I ask the authorities to activate the dossier to find out what happened to him, because so far I do not know if my husband is alive or dead," Guerrier said, in tears.

Lerebours said police were investigating a decapitated body that was found in Martissant, the Port-au-Prince neighborhood where Grand-Ravine is located.

"The police continues to investigate to establish the circumstances," he said. "We have several units working on that."

"The situation is very worrying but we cannot presume (Legagneur's) death with having recovered his body," he added.