Hungary PM fined for kindergarten campaign video


Budapest (AFP)

In a rare scolding by Hungarian authorities, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was fined Thursday for breaking election rules after he posted an election campaign video of a kindergarten visit.

The National Election Committee fined the strongman premier 350,000 forints (1,100 euros, $1,400) and ordered him not to repeat the infringement.

The authority sided with an opposition party which reported Orban and a colleague from his ruling Fidesz party for not acquiring prior parental approval of children appearing in one of his campaign videos.

Hungary faces an election April 8 when Orban, 54, who has posted regular videos of his campaign activities on Facebook, will seek a third consecutive term in office.

Polls indicate Orban is on course for re-election, although a by-election in a local vote last month saw a surprise landslide defeat for Fidesz that defied analyst predictions and galvanised opposition parties.