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Conflicting accounts of release of 'hostages' in Cameroon

In tonight's edition: Cameroon's government says the army has freed 12 hostages, but the tour operator says the tourists were never kidnapped in the first place; Seoul says it's concerned about its voting machines for DR Congo's elections, and journalists warn press freedom is under threat in Guinea.


There are conflicting stories between a Swiss tour operator who says a group of travellers were briefly stopped by gunmen in Cameroon and Yaoundé's version of events. The government is praising security forces for launching a successful rescue mission of 18 hostages they say were abducted.

Also, Seoul says it’s concerned about DR Congo's vote scheduled for December and distances itself from the South Korean company providing electronic voting machines for the controversial poll. Many international observers fear they will make it easier for potential hijacking of the vote.

And, in Guinea, journalists claim press freedom is deteriorating after a recent spike in attack on journalists and the press. Our correspondent reports.

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