Hamilton 'relaxed' over new Mercedes contract

Sakhir (Bahrain) (AFP) –


Lewis Hamilton is keen to see Formula One?s long-awaited blueprint for the future before he signs a new contract with Mercedes, the world champion said on Thursday.

Briefing reporters ahead of this weekend?s Bahrain Grand Prix, the 33-year-old Briton said he wanted to see what the sport would be like in 2020 and beyond before he reached a final decision.

The four-time world champion said he was "relaxed" about his position and was not feeling any stress or concerns.

?We?re still in discussions,? Hamilton said. ?I'm very relaxed about it. There's not really much to say. I'm not really in a rush. We're just taking our time, talking about it as and when we want to it.

?It's not a stressful thing for either of us. It's quite an interesting time for F1.

?Tomorrow (Friday) there's some sort of announcement or discussions of what is happening in F1 moving forward. It's always good to wait to hear some of those and see the future of F1.

?For sure, that could or could not have an impact on decisions you make in terms of length or whatever it is you end up doing in F1."

He said he was not suggesting that he had any specific concerns in mind.

?I?m not hinting at anything like that. I am an integral part of F1 so it?ll be great to know how it will sit for us all.

?Maybe it will affect the driver market. Maybe not -- that?s why I?m interested.

?It's actually come at a pretty good time because I still haven't put pen to paper -- so I think it's good for the team and good for us.

?I think it's important we do take our time because you should never rush anything. The team is not saying they are talking to other drivers. I've never, since I've been with the team, gone and spoken to another team."