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Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir orders release of 'all political prisoners'

In this edition: Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir orders the release of "all political prisoners", weeks after hundreds were arrested during protests over hikes in the price of bread. He says he's committed to national dialogue. Also, more than a thousand Central Africans who were forced to flee to neighbouring Congo Brazzaville are returning home. And we hear from Amy Jadesimi, a rising star in Nigerian business.


Sudan's president has ordered the release of all political prisoners in the country. The decision comes weeks after hundreds of opposition leaders, protesters and activists were arrested amidst protests over an austerity-driven rise in food prices. President Omar al-Bashir's government says detainees will be freed in a bid to encourage progress in years of national dialogue between Khartoum, opposition voices and rebel movements. We discuss the news with Dr. Eric Reeves, a Sudanese affairs analyst and researcher.

Also, the Central African Republic has struggled to return to stability since the bloodshed that followed the 2013 ousting of President Francois Bozizé by the mainly Muslim Seleka rebel alliance. Around half a million people were forced to flee the country following the unrest, but as peace slowly returns to parts of the country, some of the refugees are returning home.

And our team in Nigeria has been to meet a rising star in the country's economic development. Amy Jadesimi was recently named young CEO of the year at the 2018 Africa CEO forum in Abidjan. She heads up a state-of-the-art logistics facility within the Port of Lagos in Nigeria and is a rare female voice in a male-dominated field.

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