'There are so many things people can't talk about in Northern Ireland today'

This Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, a power-sharing deal which brought an end to decades of bloodshed in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles. Declan Long is the author of the book "Ghost-Haunted Land", which looks at how visual art has changed since the 1998 peace deal. He speaks to FRANCE 24 about the scars that can still be seen in the region.


"There is no possibility really of anything like a truth and reconciliation commission because people don’t really want the murky business of the past brought to light. So this means that there's a lot of things, for victims of the Troubles, for the population in general, which are just silenced. So that comes through in a lot of the art - a sense that things can’t be seen, can't brought into visibility", Long told FRANCE 24's Eve Irvine.

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