Eye on Africa

UN denies killing civilians in Central African Republic

In tonight's edition: the UN denies killing civilians in Central African Republic during clashes in Bangui on Tuesday; unexploded landmines continue to pose a threat in South Sudan; and the murder of teenage activist Stompie Seipei still casts a shadow over Winnie Mandela's legacy.


Protesters in Central African Republic who laid corpses at the UN's door after clashes are accused by the organisation of staging propaganda. Protestors say the dead were innocent civilians. We hear from the UN mission's spokesperson.

Also, after more than four years of civil war in South Sudan, thousands of people have been killed or injured by landmines and unexploded ordnance. New minefields are still being unearthed around populated areas.

And the Stompie Seipei murder continues to cast a shadow on the legacy of Winnie Mandela. As South Africa mourns the late anti-apartheid activist, questions around the 14-year-old's death near Mandela's Soweto home in 1989 continue to divide the nation.

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