Indonesian wannabe cop arrested over police academy forgery

Jakarta (Indonesia) (AFP) –


An Indonesian man wanted to be a cop so badly that he broke the law trying to get into the police academy, authorities say.

Now, the 20-year-old has been arrested and faces the prospect of years in prison for putting fake grades on his entrance application, police said.

The aspiring law-enforcer-turned-suspect, identified only by his initials MRF, ran into trouble after police and education officials compared notes to verify applicants' credentials.

That's when they discovered the man had wildly overstated his grades to cover up a poor academic record that would have kept him out of the police academy in Indonesia's capital Jakarta.

"His real overall grades were actually below the (entry) threshold," Jakarta Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said Friday.

The suspect's partner in crime, a university friend who helped forge the diploma, is on the run, authorities said.

"The suspects can be charged with document forgery under the criminal code which has a maximum possible penalty of six years in prison," Yuwono said.

Document forgery is a rampant problem in the Southeast Asian nation of some 260 million people.

A district head in Sumatra vying to become provincial governor is now under investigation after police said last month he submitted a fake high school diploma to the election commission.

The man remains free but his candidacy has been cancelled.