Milan court suspends Mediapro Serie A TV tender

Milan (AFP) –


A Milan court on Monday suspended Spanish group Mediapro's tender for television rights for Italy's Serie A matches for the next four years until May 4.

Sky Italia said in a statement it had requested that the court verify whether Mediapro's tender respected Italian laws.

"The announcement of Mediapro being assigned Serie A's television rights raises so many doubts that it's necessary to verify its legality before any significant offers can be presented," Sky Italia said in the statement.

In February Mediapro outbid Sky for domestic television rights to Serie A, agreeing to pay 1.05 billion euros ($1.3 billion) a year for the period 2018 to 2021, but Sky argued that the Spanish company was not in a legal position to make an offer.

The suspension means a further extension of the deadline for the assignment of offers from broadcasters interested in buying Serie A rights beyond the original limit of April 21.

"Sky has invested in Italian football for a number of years, reaching millions of homes, families and enthusiasts, and given great satisfaction to all its subscribers and the clubs within a competitive system, while respecting Italian rules and laws," the statement continued.

"Because of our desire to keep contributing to the growth of Italian football ... while respecting the values ??of a free market and all laws, Sky has turned to the courts which, after immediately suspending Mediapro's tender, will give its verdict on May 4."