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Shiite protesters clash with police for second day in Abuja

In tonight's edition: Shiite protesters clash with police for a second day in Abuja; more than 200 Anglophones flee southwest Cameroon; and Ethiopians in Oromiya have high expectations of their new prime minister.


Police clash with protesters for a second day in the Nigerian capital as demonstrators demand the release of a jailed Shiite leader. We cross live to our correspondent Sam Olukoya in Abuja for the latest.

Also, in Cameroon, a local official says some 200 people have fled unrest in the country's English-speaking south-west region.

And since taking on the country's top job, Ethiopia's new Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed has been trying to steer his nation out of political and social turmoil. We bring you a report from our team on the ground.

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