Fujimori says he will not appeal travel ban


Lima (AFP)

Ex-president Alberto Fujimori said Wednesday he would not oppose a judge's ban on his leaving Peru ahead of a new trial.

"I will not appeal. All I want is to have time with my family and write my memoirs," the ex-president, 79, said on Twitter.

Fujimori, president from 1990-2000, had been serving a 25-year prison sentence for crimes that included commanding death squads that killed suspected civilian sympathizers of leftwing guerrillas his regime was fighting.

The ex-president was pardoned on December 24 by then-president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on humanitarian grounds because of ill health.

A criminal court, however, later ruled that Kuczynski's pardon did not apply to a separate 1992 case involving slain farmers.

In addition, a human rights group said Fujimori and three ex-ministers would be indicted over the forced sterilization of five women while he was in office.