Iran deal pullout: Critics in US voice concern at Trump's move

Iran is scrambling to lock in guarantees from the EU after the US pulled out of the nuclear deal. People around the world have criticized the move - including a former hostage in Iran, John Limbert. He tells us why he believes Trump's move was the wrong one.


Also, Argentina needs $30 billion to avoid a full-blown economic crisis. The country was once called the comeback kid of the global economy. And its business-friendly president was once praised as the man to put the country on the track to a brighter financial future. But last week, Argentina found its currency at an all-time low, pushing the treasury minister to try to strike a deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Meanwhile, the latest craze in the food industry is so-called clean meat. It's real, biological meat. But rather than being harvested from the bodies of living animals, it's grown from cultured cells inside a lab. And in Silicon Valley, several start-ups are looking into all kinds of alternatives to traditional meat that are both more ethical and better for the environment.

Finally, with preparations in full swing for the wedding of US actress Meghan Markle and Britain's Prince Harry on Saturday, we take a closer look at the bride-to-be.

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