US man wounded after hiding a gun in an oven

Washington (AFP) –


An American man was seriously wounded by a gunshot after hiding a revolver in his kitchen oven.

Robin Garlock of Warren, Ohio hid the weapon in the oven because he was expecting children to visit. But he forgot to tell his girlfriend, who turned on the oven.

"He was struck twice while trying to get the weapon secured," Warren Police Detective Wayne Mackey told newspaper The Vindicator about the Sunday night incident. "The culprit is a Maytag oven."

The detective said this was "the first time for me in 30 years of police work ?- shot by an appliance."

The heat from the oven caused the gun to fire once. The girlfriend then called Garlock, 44, in a panic, who rushed in to try to remove the weapon. Two bullets or bullet fragments then struck him in the shoulders.

"It's too hot. The gun literally spun around because it?s going off," Mackey said.