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Venezuela hit by sky-high inflation despite large oil reserves

This week saw Nicolas Maduro re-elected as Venezuela's president. Maduro won a second term in spite of the economic crisis crippling the country. It's left Venezuela with the world's highest inflation rates, and plunged 87% of the country's households into poverty. This despite Venezuela holding large reserves one of the world’s most coveted resources: oil.


Also this week, prize-winning US novelist Philip Roth died aged 85. The iconic writer had won virtually every literary honour, including the Pulitzer Prize for his novel "American Pastoral". But Roth was famous for his many other works, including Portnoy's Complaint," and ''The Human Stain".

And we end in Brazil, where football legend Neymar was back in training this week after being sidelined by a foot injury. He spent an hour on the field outside Rio de Janeiro. The Paris Saint-German striker is hoping to give his home country a big boost ahead of next month's World Cup.

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