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Kim Jong-un impersonator roams Singapore streets

In Singapore, a doppelganger of North Korea's Kim Jong-un has tourists doing double takes. Between selfies, the Chinese-Australian impersonator said he was there to encourage successful relations between the real Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump. Selina Sykes has the story.


And working for the railway in India is a sweet deal and comes with generous benefits. With unemployment rates in the country doubling to 7% in the past year, more than 23 million people responded to a recent announcement inviting candidates to apply to replace retiring workers. Catalina Marchant has more.

Finally, it's set to be the longest sea bridge in the world. The 55-kilometre Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is an engineering feat and is set to open to the public this summer. The project, which includes a combined bridge and tunnel crossing, as well as artificial islands, has been controversial from the start. Claire Rush tells us why.

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