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Yes they cancan: Backstage at the Moulin Rouge

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Controversial rapper cancels Bataclan concerts

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Brett Kavanaugh hearings: Trump challenges Supreme Court nominee's accuser

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#THE 51%

One is not enough: China to encourage people to have more children

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Trajectory': Richard Russo on writing small town America

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#TECH 24

Hacking the body, and the mind: The future of connected humanity

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Colombia: Cursed by coca in Catatumbo

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Britain’s Labour Party: No home for Jews?

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Outfoxed: The mystery of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’

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#TECH 24

We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.15 pm Paris time. Or you can catch it online from Friday.

Latest update : 2018-06-15

Football and tech: The data game is on!

The World Cup will be on our screens until July 15. But if you can't make it to Russia, game developers may have a solution for you: an immersive experience where you get to be on the field. That's one of several sports innovations we're reviewing in this special edition on football and tech. From connected footballs to data science, the game is on! How far can data change the beautiful game? And will artificial intelligence be the referee of tomorrow? Join us to find out.

By Dhananjay KHADILKAR , Marjorie PAILLON

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PhD candidate, Polytechnique school



2018-09-21 TECH 24

Hacking the body, and the mind: The future of connected humanity

This week we take a look at the future of bio-hacking. Connected medical devices are already vulnerable, but is the human mind the next frontier? Author and cybersecurity expert...

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2018-09-14 TECH 24

Small country, big dreams: Luxembourg pushes into space

This week we take a closer look at the EU's Copyright Directive, a bill that would make it harder to upload content already subject to copyright. It would also make web companies...

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2018-09-07 TECH 24

'Silicon Allee': Berlin's vibrant tech sector

This week, Tech 24 visits Berlin on the occasion of the huge IFA tech fair that takes place every year in early September. As well as getting a flavour of what innovations are on...

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2018-08-31 TECH 24

The rise of free-floating vehicles

With Paris's Vélib city bikes scheme floundering, free-floating vehicles are seeing a boom in the French capital - we take a look at what’s on offer. Also, we bring you an...

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2018-07-13 TECH 24

Is the future of film interactive?

More and more movies are being made with interactive design, whether it’s the use of gaming techniques, smartphones or EEG headsets where our emotional response can change the...

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