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A new stance on immigration? Europe's latest tussle over migrants

It's been three years since the number of people seeking to enter the EU hit a major spike. 2015 was the year that Germany took in more than a million people, fences were put up in certain parts of the continent and the Schengen free movement agreement was partially suspended. Three years on, the case of a charity rescue ship in the Mediterranean, the Aquarius, has thrown a new spotlight on the fact that Europe still hasn’t come up with a coherent continent-wide answer on migration.


Italy refused to let the Aquarius dock at its ports, saying it was full; France’s President Emmanuel Macron got into a war of words with the Italian prime minister; meanwhile Angela Merkel has been plunged into a crisis with her government partner party the CSU over migration policy. Can Europe get it together on migration?

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Roxane Runel

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