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Save the Children's CEO: 'Wars today are targeting children'

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Anger at Russian pension reform gives hope to opposition

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Film show: 'One Nation, One King', Marcel Ophüls retrospective and Dinard's British Film Festival

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Brazil's return to dictatorship? Artists unite against far-right candidate Bolsonaro

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Ending the war in Syria: 'We do not want the Gaddafi scenario'

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Argentina close to bailout deal as central bank chief quits

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Ethiopia violence: 1,200 detained after Addis Ababa clashes

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Macron's former bodyguard's gun selfie

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Which world order? Trump, Macron spell out rival visions at UN

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Latest update : 2018-06-26

Bangladeshi farmer provides safe haven to Rohingya refugees

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have been living in Bangladesh for months, following the army crackdown in Myanmar's Rakhine state last August. An estimated 700,000 Rohingya fled the region and a majority have settled in refugee camps. Some ordinary Bangladeshis, however, have stepped in to provide a helping hand. We bring you the story of one farmer who chose to come to their aid.

Also, it's been over three years since a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. It killed close to 9,000 people and injured thousands of others. The earthquake destroyed more than 600,000 structures in the Mountain Kingdom and three years on, the scars are still visible.

And people living in the Himalayas are increasingly suffering from water shortages. Things have become so bad for farmers that cultivating their land during the summer months has proved challenging. As a solution, an engineer in one village has created a man-made glacier which melts during the hot summer months.

By Camille FEVRIER , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Sonia BARITELLO , Delano D’SOUZA


2018-09-18 Access Asia

Iwao Hakamada, the Japanese boxer still fighting... for his life

In Japan, 82-year-old Iwao Hakamada spent half a century on death row before being released. But the former professional boxer is still locked in a legal back and forth. Today he...

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2018-09-06 Access Asia

Replacing plastic: China tries to clean up its act

As we get a clearer idea about just how dangerous plastic pollution is for the environment, the race is on to find ecological replacements for everyday plastic objects,...

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2018-08-28 Access Asia

Korean families reunited after decades apart

As ties between the two Koreas improve, a group of elderly South Koreans have met long-lost family members in North Korea. This after being separated by the war that broke out 68...

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2018-08-08 Access Asia

HIV rates on the rise among Chinese youth

China has seen an alarming spike in HIV cases, with the infection rate among those between the ages of 15 and 19 tripling over the past decade. The upturn comes as young people...

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2018-07-27 Access Asia

Japan: Record-breaking heatwave takes a toll on population

Japan is dealing with record-breaking high temperatures as an intense heatwave sees over 9,000 people hospitalised with heatstroke. It's prompted concerns about how Tokyo will...

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