Inside the Americas

On the road to the US with teen migrants

This week, as a California judge orders families split up at the US-Mexico border to be brought back together within a month, we take a look at the thousands of children who make the dangerous crossing to America, alone. Our colleagues from France 2 went to meet some of them, including 15-year-old Auslin from Honduras (pictured).


Also this week, the US Supreme Court upheld Donald Trump's travel ban which refuses entry to travellers from five mostly Muslim countries, North Korea and for some Venezuelans. The justices ruled that the most recent version of the controversial ban was not discriminatory and was justified by national security concerns.

And Mexico is gearing up for a presidential election this weekend. But violence in the run-up to the vote is showing no sign of slowing down. Over 100 politicians have been killed since campaigning began in September. There are now four main candidates running for the top job, including Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the frontrunner.

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