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Uber vs yellow cabs: A living nightmare for New York taxi drivers

In just five years, the cost of a yellow cab taxi medallion has fallen by 75%. These metallic licenses are required for taxis to legally pick up fares in New York, but with the arrival of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, the taxi business is in freefall. It's a blow to cab drivers and a job that was once a good bet for lower middle class citizens or newly arrived immigrants to live the American Dream. For many, that dream has turned into a nightmare. Our New York correspondents report.


We also head to Mexico after the election victory of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. He won more than half the votes in the presidential race, a record since the country's shift to democracy nearly 20 years ago. The firebrand politician is the first leftist leader to take power in as many years, upsetting establishment figures from the centre-right. Lopez Obrador will now have to get to work tackling violence, corruption and endemic poverty.

And the fourth biggest river in America is under threat. The Rio Grande dried out in early spring this year for the first time ever, a warning sign that reserves are low. We take a closer look.

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