Syria regains border post, but half still escape its control

Beirut (AFP) –


Syria's government has regained control of the vital Nassib border crossing with Jordan, three years after losing it to rebels.

Of its 19 border points with Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey, the regime now controls around half, including all of those with Lebanon, one each with Jordan and Iraq and two closed crossings with Turkey.

- Border with Jordan (2) -

- Nassib: This point lies in the southern province of Daraa. It was overrun by rebels in April 2015, sealing off the regime's crucial trade route with neighbouring Jordan, which calls it Jaber. With the crossing's recapture two weeks into a Russian-backed offensive, the government hopes it can reopen the vital trade lifeline.

- Former Daraa customs post: rebels control the crossing, known in Jordan as Al-Ramtha.

- Border with Turkey (9) -

- Kasab: in the western province of Latakia. Under regime control but closed by Turkey since fierce clashes in 2014 between the army and Islamist rebels, who briefly overran the post.

- Bab al-Hawa: In the northwestern province of Idlib. Held by Islamist rebels, including an alliance dominated by Syria's former Al-Qaeda branch.

- Bab al-Salama: In the town of Azaz in northern Aleppo province. Held by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels.

- Jarabulus: In Aleppo province. Held by Syrian rebels allied to Turkey.

- Tal Abyad: In Raqa province, held by US-backed Kurdish fighters since 2015.

- Kobane: In Aleppo province, held by US-backed Kurdish fighters since 2015.

- Ras al-Ain: In northeastern Hasakeh province of Hasakeh. Was the site of ferocious fighting between IS and Kurdish fighters before the latter forced the jihadists out of the post and nearby town.

- Qamishli-Nassibin: The only regime-controlled crossing in Hasakeh province, but closed on the Turkish side.

- Ain Diwar: In Hasakeh. Controlled by Kurdish fighters.

- Border with Iraq (3) -

- Yarabiyah: In Hasakeh. Controlled by Kurdish fighters. Known to Iraqis as Rabia.

- Albu Kamal: In the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, held by regime forces and allied regional militiamen who seized it from IS in 2017. Known as Al-Qaim on the Iraqi side.

- Al-Tanaf: In the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, held by US-led coalition forces and allied fighters who seized it from IS. Iraqis call it Al-Walid.

- Border with Lebanon (5) -

All five crossings, which lead into Homs and Damascus provinces in Syria, are controlled by government forces:

- Jdaidet Yabus, known in Lebanon as Masnaa.

- Daboussiye, known in Lebanon as Abbudiye.

- Jussiye, known in Lebanon as Al-Qaa.

- Tal Kalakh, known in Lebanon as Bouqueiya.

- Tartus, known in Lebanon as Al-Arida.

- With Israel -

There are no formal crossings between Syria and Israel, which are officially still at war, but the Quneitra border point is controlled by rebels. Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since 1967.

- Maritime border -

All seaports on Syria's Mediterranean coast are controlled by the regime.