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German MEP David McAllister: 'We need more solidarity in the EU over migrants'

Our guest is senior German MEP David McAllister, a dual British-German national and former leader of the Saxony region considered a potential successor to Angela Merkel. He brings us a closer look at what's going on in Germany with migration and more.


Germany is the biggest EU member state by population and economy and a leader in EU policymaking. During her 13-year tenure, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been lauded for her staying power as other European leaders have come, gone or been voted out. But her ruling coalition has been shaken by internal splits over migration policy and neighbours Austria and Italy are now threatening to close their borders if a new German deal on asylum seekers comes into force.

A programme presented by Catherine Nicholson

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Roxane Runel

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