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Playing undead for a living in Indonesia

In Indonesia, zombies are on the rise! Zombie impersonators are becoming a common sight on Jakarta streets, as hit TV shows such as “The Walking Dead” fuel their popularity. At least one company now pays zombie enthusiasts to take part in commercial events. Participants say scaring people is fun and good for self-esteem. Emerald Maxwell explains.


And, Cambodia’s general election, slated for later this month, is expected to usher in another term for Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been in power for 33 years. Human Rights Watch says that during his tenure, hundreds of opposition figures, journalists and others have been killed in politically motivated attacks. Given that, speaking out is rare and few expect the vote to lead to significant change. Our correspondent Clovis Casali reports.

Finally, CCTV cameras are increasingly common in Indian schools as a means of combatting cheating and violence. Authorities say they are there to protect students, but critics argue they are creating a surveillance state.

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