Rapping with reason: Mona Haydar's music tackles racism and Islamophobia

Mona Haydar is a Syrian-American artist. She raps about Islam, her decision to wear the hijab, and racism in the US, among a host of other polarising issues. And while some have praised her efforts, others have attacked her, calling her a mouth-piece for the Islamic State group. She joins us from New York and explains the message she wants to convey through her music.


Meanwhile, the US has vowed relentless pressure on Iran as Washington’s draconian sanctions on the Islamic republic resume. This despite Tehran's compliance with the historic 2015 nuclear accord. The latest punitive measures target core parts of the economy, including the oil and banking sectors. They also deprive Iranians of access to basic humanitarian goods.

And in Iraq, thousands of dead carp have been found floating in the Euphrates river, which is in the Babil province, south of the capital. Authorities have launched an investigation into the case and has warned the public against buying fish.

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