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Privacy challenges: Is 2018 a turning point for keeping data safe online?

2018 will stand out as a year when internet users got a shock about how their personal information is used online. The Cambridge Analytica scandal was a wake-up call for even the most careful of us. So what does this mean for online privacy, and how do regulations like GDPR change things? Have we a reached a turning point in how we manage our data on the internet?


Also, how do you compete with technology's biggest names? And what could artificial intelligence change for us in the coming years?

In this programme, we talk to two leaders from the French tech scene, both offering alternatives to the big technology companies.

  • Rand Hindi is the CEO and co-founder of Snips, which has created a customizable voice-activated assistant.
  • Eric Leandri is the co-founder and CEO of Qwant, the European search engine.

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