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Nicaragua in crisis: Residents torn between anger and fear

This week in Nicaragua, witnesses say police attacked protesters in the northern city of Jinotega, leaving at least three people dead. Since July 19, President Daniel Ortega has ramped up arrests against demonstrators who are calling for him to step down. Just as it seemed the protest movement was waning, the latest violence has revived tensions. Our correspondents report from Jinotega, where residents are torn between anger and fear.


Also, Cuban legislators are set to put sweeping constitutional reforms in place that will see private property and the market economy recognised, plus foreign investments encouraged. But President Miguel Diaz-Canel has warned that the reforms are not a sign the country is embracing capitalism.

And in parts of Costa Rica, sea turtle eggs are considered a delicacy but it's illegal to collect them and the practice is having a terrible impact on local turtle populations. A government-supported conservation project is determined to reverse this worrying trend.

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