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Designer Nadia Atique on modest fashion and football

In this edition our guest is Nadia Atique, a British designer of Yemeni origin who's living every fashion-obsessed 30-year-old's dream. She's already been profiled by Vogue magazine for bringing together her two passions in life. Her sportswear collection merges her love of her football club Liverpool and her religion Islam. She tells us more.


Meanwhile, this week saw the evacuation of hundreds of White Helmets rescue volunteers from southern Syria. While the Israeli-led operation was hailed by the international community, Damascus was quick to slam the move as "criminal". We take a closer look.

Also, he's captured some of the most deadly violence and moving moments on the Gaza border. But today, freelance photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Salama is living in exile in Egypt, which is home to some of his 70,000 fellow Palestinians. Our correspondents report.

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