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Japan: Record-breaking heatwave takes a toll on population

Japan is dealing with record-breaking high temperatures as an intense heatwave sees over 9,000 people hospitalised with heatstroke. It's prompted concerns about how Tokyo will deal with the weather during the 2020 Summer Olympics. Officials say they are examining solutions for tackling the heat during the Games.


Also, in China, some female graduates fresh out of university are looking for not just a job but a new face. This is the busiest time of the year for cosmetic surgeons. Whether it's a nose job or breast implants, many believe going under the knife will lead to professional success. Our correspondents report.

Finally, Godzilla - the movie and the monster - first became a hit in 1954. In the six decades that followed, there have been more than 30 films. But the scaly, prehistoric monster is about more than just fear, he is also a cultural icon. Godzilla is now in Taiwan for the monster's first exhibition outside Japan.

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