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Iranian caricaturist Nasrin Sheykhi talks about her American experience

This week we meet Iranian artist, Nasrin Sheykhi, who received an ‘Einstein visa’ to the US, despite the Muslim travel ban. The visa is often given to famous people whom the government decides have “extraordinary ability”. Today's she's exhibiting caricature drawings... of Donald Trump.


Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi was released from an Israeli prison this week. The teenager, whose prosecution drew international criticism, said she used her time behind bars to study international law.

Also, it's called the “Kiki challenge”: a person jumps out of a moving car and dances alongside it to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” before hopping back in. It's gone viral. And while Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi joked about the craze, police in his country and in Saudi Arabia have arrested people for taking part in it.

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