Inside the Americas

Indigenous peoples: Fighting discrimination

This week, we take a closer look at the native communities living in the Americas. From the north to the south, indigenous people still face massive discrimination, land theft and violence. We spoke with Irène Bellier, a director of research at the CNRS research centre, about the great challenges they face, and what can be done in the fight for Native Americans rights in 2018.


In Mexico, there are more than 60 indigenous languages, and the communities are as diverse as they are numerous. But one issue unites them all: decades of marginalisation in Mexican society. This year, with the election of leftist Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, native communities hope they might finally be granted more recognition and comprehension.

In the United States, land grabs are a big problem for indigenous communities. The latest source of tension is Bear Ears Park. The Utah nature reserve was recently cut by as much as 85 percent. While President Donald Trump argues it will allow local authorities to develop the land more easily, local Native Americans and environmentalists are more than alarmed by the move.

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