'Predictable action on track' prompted Alonso F1 exit

London (AFP) –


Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso said Thursday that "poor action on the track" prompted his decision to step away from Formula One.

Alonso, 37, will leave F1 at the end of the season and he will race more in the world endurance championship and in the US where he needs to win the Indy 500 to complete motor racing's 'Triple Crown'.

"The action on track is not the one I dreamed of when I joined F1, or when I was in different series, or the action on track that I experienced in other years," Alonso told www.autosport.com at Silverstone where he will race this weekend in the Six-Hour Race.

"I stopped because the action on track, in my opinion, is very poor. In fact, what we talk about more in F1 is off track.

"We talk about polemics. We talk about radio messages. We talk about all these things, and when we talk so many times about those things, it is a bad sign.

"There are other series that maybe offer better action, more joy and more happiness, so that is what I try to find."