Back to school: What's on the French curriculum this year?

France's long summer holidays have finally drawn to a close and "la rentrée" is upon us: it’s back-to-school time! But this year, for many students, there will be some significant changes. Among them are the re-introduction of a four-day week, drastically smaller class sizes, and a new focus on civic engagement. Meanwhile, 15-year-olds embarking on their baccalaureate qualifications will be the first to take the so-called "new Bac" in June 2021.


The changes will see some students having to widen their specialisms, and greater monitoring of their written and oral French fluency.

Against this background of change, there is one constant: students’ and teachers’ reliance on textbooks to get them through the syllabus. We’re joined by Celia Rosentraub, Director of the Hatier Publishing House. She explains the main challenges of putting together new textbooks.

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