Forced disappearances in Mexico's drug war

Since 2006, when the Mexican military began to intervene in the country's war on drug trafficking, tens of thousands of people have gone missing. Have they been killed, sold to drug traffickers or forced into prostitution? Their loved ones are still waiting for answers. Meanwhile, some suspect that police have been complicit in many of these forced disappearances.


Our reporters travelled to the central states of Jalisco and Veracruz, some of Mexico’s most dangerous zones, to investigate. They met those fighting for the truth... and living in fear of the authorities.

>> The France 24 Observers: "Mexican women dig for remains of their missing husbands, sons and brothers"

>> Interview with Mexico's former Deputy Foreign Minister: "Mexico 'still trying to locate' missing students"

>> Revisited: "Ciudad Juarez, the city of missing women"

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