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Yemen in crisis: More than 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid

It's been dubbed the forgotten war, and today multiple factions are entangled in Yemen's ongoing conflict. For three years, a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states have been battling the Iran-backed Houthi rebels across the Middle Eastern country. The UN calls it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. We speak to His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, who is the supervisor general of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center. He tells us more about Riyadh's aid efforts in Yemen.


Staying in Saudi Arabia, a senior official has confirmed that the kingdom is advancing with plans to turn rival nation Qatar into an island. The venture would physically separate the Qatari peninsula from the Saudi mainland, this amid a 14-month diplomatic feud between the two countries.

Finally, with so many innocent lives lost during the ongoing conflict in Syria, in particular from air strikes, two Americans and a Syrian coder have launched a warning system in a bid to get ordinary Syrians out of the deadly line of fire. We take a closer look at "Sentry".

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