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Replacing plastic: China tries to clean up its act

As we get a clearer idea about just how dangerous plastic pollution is for the environment, the race is on to find ecological replacements for everyday plastic objects, especially those intended to be used only once. China, the world's largest polluter, is the latest country to get in on the act.


Staying in China, the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum there. Following the resignation of a high-ranking Buddhist monk after multiple nuns accused him of sexual misconduct, other women are taking to social media to recount alleged abuse by TV personalities and academics. Ambiguous laws concerning sexual misconduct, plus a lack of transparency, mean few complaints lead to convictions. But activists and assault survivors are determined to change things. Our correspondents report.

And flat rental service Airbnb promotes itself as a facilitator of cultural exchanges and surprising encounters. But as landlords increasingly let their properties to tourists instead of residents, house prices and rents are rising rapidly. In a bid to regain control, New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam have already introduced strict regulations. Now it's Japan's turn, with tourist-saturated Kyoto a main priority.

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