Capturing the Rohingya crisis: Paula Bronstein’s photographs of a tragic human flux

It's the photography festival which insists on showing us the images we don't want to see: "Visa pour l'Image" brings together the most urgent, striking and evocative pictures taken by international photojournalists and provides visitors with a snapshot of the state of the world. The plight of migrants has been a recurring theme at the festival in recent years.


Now, Paula Bronstein has captured a human flow that's made headlines and prompted condemnation across the globe with an exhibition entitled "Stateless, Stranded and Unwanted: The Rohingya Crisis". Bronstein tells us more about documenting the situation in Myanmar and across the border in Bangladesh, where she encountered the hundreds of thousands of Muslim-minority refugees struggling to find the most basic means of survival.

This year's selection at the Visa pour l’Image festival also takes in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the creeping chemical contamination and environmental damage wrought by man and an account of the additives lurking on our dinner plates.

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