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Guy Verhofstadt: 'We will not change EU rules just because Britain is leaving'

No deal? No way! So says Guy Verhofstadt, a former prime minister of Belgium, and the man who heads up the EU Parliament's Brexit steering group. Verhofstadt tells FRANCE 24 why for him, a so-called "no-deal Brexit" would be the worst possible scenario for both the UK and the EU. However, he insists that EU rules must be respected during the negotiations and that Brussels will not change them simply because of Brexit.


With European elections now a matter of months away, the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats group in the EU parliament confirms that he will work with French President Emmanuel Macron in a new co-operation bid between centrists. Guy Verhofstadt tells us more about his ideas for an alternative to the politics of old.

A programme presented by Catherine Nicholson

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Mathilde Bénézet.

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