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Cameroon's Constitutional Court rejects last petition for re-run

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Music stars, French art and a dead cat's renaissance

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Khashoggi Affair: Evidence mounts against Saudi Crown Prince

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#TECH 24

Next stop space: Japanese company constructing nanotube 'space lift'

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The Gender Divide: Record number of women running in U.S. midterms

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Reporters: Brexit, a sea of uncertainty for fishermen

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Fishing in France's Grau du Roi harbour, a family tradition

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French education reforms under tight scrutiny

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FIAC 2018: Paris's one-stop shop for Contemporary Art collectors

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Latest update : 2018-09-24

Julien Brave NoiseCat: ‘Pipelines a real threat to First Nations’ way of life’

Canada's oil sands, or tar sands as they are often called represent one of the world’s leading reserves of crude oil. Extracting it is a dirty business heavy in CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Canada's First Nations have been on the frontline staging protests against the pipelines that transport it from landlocked Alberta.

A group of indigenous communities has now offered to buy equity in a pipeline saying it is the only way left for them to try and mitigate the environmental impacts of the tar sands.

Julien Brave NoiseCat, a US policy analyst at the environmental campaign group and a descendent of the Lil’Wat Nation of Mount Currie, gives us his Perspective. He tells us that if we want to protect our world and have a future where there is clean water to drink “we need to follow the lead of the communities on the frontlines of these fights”. He also points out that those communities are up against “the most powerful industry in the history of the world”.



2018-10-19 Perspective

UK filmmaker on fate of unaccompanied minors in Calais

British filmmaker Sue Clayton's recent documentary "Calais Children: A Case to Answer" tracks unaccompanied minors at the infamous Jungle migrant camp in Calais. Clayton followed...

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2018-10-18 Perspective

Gay couple speak out on surrogacy: 'It's not about exploiting someone'

In this Perspective segment we're focusing on surrogacy. Our guests are David-Jean and Philippe Thareaut-Vigny, who became fathers to twin girls last year. Although a family...

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2018-10-17 Perspective

Protecting heritage land against mining companies

"The land is our identity, our heritage. The land is everything". That's the view of campaigner Nonhle Mbuthuma, who says she faces a life of constant intimidation and thanks God...

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2018-10-16 Perspective

The dictator hunter: Reed Brody on bringing despots to justice

"It was a moment of effervescence in the human rights community". That's the view of Reed Brody, one of the lawyers involved when the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was...

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2018-10-15 Perspective

Walking tours of Paris: From Roman history to French chocolate

"Our customers are people who love Paris, they want to listen and they want to learn". That's the view of Peter Caine, the owner and founder of Paris Walks. It's a company which...

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