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Photojournalist Reza: 'Children are now the best photographers'

World-renowned Iranian-born photojournalist Reza has been travelling the globe for over 35 years; not just recording it but also trying to make it better. Today he says the first image that comes to his mind when he thinks of our world is the widening division between rich and poor. With his photographs he wants to get people to focus on the human; on the beauty. He joined us for Perspective.


Working with populations living in conflict zones, Iranian-born photojournalist Reza says the camera can help them and tells us of one picture taken by a 12-year-old Syrian refugee living at a camp in Iraq that made him cry. It was of her frozen shoes - the reason she had been late for his class. "The reality is that children now are the best photographers," Reza told FRANCE 24, explaining that they see it as a tool to tell their stories.

"It’s not about selfies, [with] selfies you just look to yourself, which is the worst thing that could happen to humanity, instead of looking to others. Instead of trying to understand others", he added.

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