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Men's health in 'Movember': Raising awareness of male wellbeing

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She's alive: Discovering Mary Shelley, 200 years after Frankenstein was published

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Venezuelan 'tyrant' must be isolated, Colombia's Duque tells FRANCE 24

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Music show: Alex Hepburn, Vanessa Paradis and Smashing Pumpkins

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Italy maintains spending plans despite threat of EU censure

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Ethiopia corruption crackdown: Former head of military-led firm arrested

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Gazan TV bombing: Attack on the press or military strike on a propaganda tool?

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Back from the brink? Gaza shootout triggers worst fighting since 2014

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Saudi Arabia's increasing influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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#TECH 24

We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.15 pm Paris time. Or you can catch it online from Friday.

Latest update : 2018-09-28

Breakthrough tech helps paraplegic patients walk again

It's a world first: two research teams in the US have helped patients with complete paralysis walk again thanks to groundbreaking spinal stimulation therapy. In this edition, we speak to the author of the study, Susan Harkema. Plus, we tell you what scientists plan to do to stop glaciers from melting. And in Test 24, we take you on an incredible immersion experience in space with the VR chair Optione.




2018-11-09 TECH 24

'AI for good': Is AI the solution to humanity's biggest challenges?

This week, Tech 24 takes a look at so-called "AI for good", or how artificial intelligence can be used to help solve society's biggest challenges. We speak to Estevam Hruschka, a...

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2018-11-02 TECH 24

SETI: Are we alone in the universe?

This week, Tech 24 takes a look at the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Today, scientists believe that using artificial intelligence could be their best shot at helping...

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2018-10-26 TECH 24

Moving objects with the power of your brain

From beams of light, they've made groundbreaking tools that have revolutionised the fields of medicine and industry. In this edition, we tell you more about the physicists who...

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2018-10-19 TECH 24

Next stop space: Japanese company constructing nanotube 'space lift'

In this edition, we tell you more about the race to build the world's first space elevator. The idea is to create a 100,000-kilometre-long nanotube stretching from Earth to space...

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2018-10-12 TECH 24

An AI version of yourself to help you think

From what to eat for lunch to whom to marry, we make about 35,000 decisions per day. But imagine if you could get the help of an artificially intelligent version of yourself....

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