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Art Deco: France's love affair with the Roaring Twenties

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#THE 51%

India's vanishing women workers

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'New right', old ideas? A closer look at the far right in Germany

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Reporters: An outside view of France's Fifth Republic

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#TECH 24

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

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The Land of the Rising Sun comes to La République

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Concerts Without Borders: Making classical music accessible

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UK car industry says draft Brexit deal is 'positive step'

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'Resignations, a coup and a day of hostility. But May fights on'

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Latest update : 2018-09-10

Serena Williams: Punishment or prejudice?

The controversy over Serena Williams' US Open performance - and punishment - is still sharply dividing opinion. Many have come out in support, others have criticised, while some prove just how much sexism and racism the tennis star has to endure. Plus, another restoration of Spanish church art goes disastrously wrong.



2018-11-15 MediaWatch

Surveying the 'Brexsh*t'

We take a look at front pages and online commentary as Theresa May attempts to sell her Brexit deal to parliament, this as several ministers quit in protest over the draft...

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2018-11-14 MediaWatch

CNN v. Trump to decide if reporters have right to White House access

On Wednesday, the first hearing got underway in CNN's lawsuit against Donald Trump for suspending one of its reporter's credentials. Plus: Iceland Foods unleashes an animatronic...

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2018-11-14 MediaWatch

Trump's anti-Macron Twitter tirade

We break down Donald Trump's series of critical tweets aimed at Emmanuel Macron, just days after he was hosted in Paris for the centenary commemorations of the end of World War I.

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2018-11-13 MediaWatch

Gaza TV bombing: Attack on the press or military strike on a propaganda tool?

We take a look at different perspectives on the Israeli army strike that destroyed Al Aqsa TV in Gaza yesterday. Some say the TV channel is a legitimate target as it broadcasts...

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2018-11-12 MediaWatch

Fans say goodbye to comics king Stan Lee

Marvel's main man, Stan Lee, dies aged 95. Fans and those who helped bring his superheroes to life say goodbye. Plus, ads for "Trumpy Bear", the teddy bear with a striking...

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