Salim Saab: Showcasing the women of the Arab art world

This week, we're drawing attention to the women who are fighting to assert their influence in the Arab world. We're joined by one man who's doing exactly that: Franco-Lebanese director Salim Saab joins us to talk about his latest documentary, "Strong". The film sheds light on Arab women artists who are leaving their mark.


Meanwhile, as the war winds down in Syria, reconstruction efforts are getting underway. This as the regime calls on refugees to return home. But by some estimates, it will take up to €345 billion to rebuild the war-torn country.

And since Donald Trump torpedoed the nuclear deal, Iran has been sinking back into economic gloom. Now a second phase of sanctions is planned to come into effect on November 4, targeting the country's oil industry. Our correspondents report on how these punitive measures are already affecting Iran's tourism sector.  

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