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Chinese 're-education' camps: Muslim Uighurs speak out

Every five years, each UN member state's human rights record is examined at a meeting in Geneva. This time around, China was criticised for its so-called "re-education" camps. After more and more credible reports, France, Germany and the US are calling on Beijing to shut the facilities, which activists say hold up to one million Uighurs and other Muslims against their will. We take a closer look.


Also, the Pearl of Siberia is losing its lustre. Located just north of Mongolia, Russia's Lake Baikal is the world's largest lake by volume. But its natural beauty is under threat from increasing pollution. We tell you more.

And it's a tailor-made concern for the modern world: being fashionable versus being sustainable. The more trends there are, the more we buy, and the more we throw out. In Hong Kong, hundreds of tons of textiles are sent to the landfill every day. But now, some designers are trying to mend the problem.

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