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Talking Europe

Italy’s former PM Enrico Letta talks Italian politics, Brexit and more

Turbulent times in Europe at the moment – and our guest for this part of the programme is a man who’s seen some turbulent years of his own. Enrico Letta is the former prime minister of Italy who now heads the Jacques Delors Institute think-tank in Paris.


In the interview, Letta says that the worst case scenario for Italy would be a “backlash” and new elections early next year. “New elections would bring a political cleavage during the electoral campaign, ‘Europe or Non Europe’ (…) Forecasts say Mr Salvini would win such elections and I don’t like his positions”.

On the issue of Brexit, Letta says a no deal would be “the continuation of a nightmare” of the 2016 referendum. “A no deal has a lot of concrete and negative consequences” for both the UK and EU economies. “My own country Italy, during these very turbulent times, can’t afford [financial market] instability nor a turbulent Brexit or a no deal Brexit”.

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