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A killer comedy: France 24 meets Iranian director behind 'Pig'

By: Sanam SHANTYAEI Follow | Joanna COCKERELL | Stéphanie CHEVAL | Sonia BARITELLO
1 min

The satirical and surrealist movie "Pig" by director Mani Haghighi is a far cry from most Iranian films of recent years. The black comedy revolves around a filmmaker past his prime, obsessively worrying about his fallen status and feeling he's not important enough to be the victim of a serial killer targeting the most revered film directors. But beyond the surrealist elements in the movie, it also depicts a reality for filmmakers in Iran. Mani Haghighi tells us more.


Meanwhile, Israeli police accuse Benjamin Netanyahu of receiving bribes. This is the third and most severe corruption case the prime minister has faced this year.

And OPEC is losing one of its oldest members. After almost 60 years, Qatar is withdrawing from the Organisation as of January. The country, one of the group's smallest producers, plans to focus on natural gas over oil.

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