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A pact under pressure: Second thoughts in Europe over UN migration accord

In this show we're tackling the latest chapter in the migration saga that's seen Europe almost rip itself apart. It's all because of a slim, 34-page non-legally-binding document, called the UN Global Compact for Migration. Officially, this is described as "the first inter-governmentally negotiated agreement, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner".


In reality, the text has become a focal point for political infighting, as well as widespread second thoughts and misgivings. A string of countries are refusing to sign the pact at a meeting in Marrakesh this week. Hungary backed out during the negotiations, while Austria later pulled out, sparking a string of other pullouts including Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and others.

We take a closer look at the pact and debunk some false rumours about it that have been circulating online.

Produced by Isabelle Romero, Mathilde Bénézet and Roxane Runel

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