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Cuba rolls out 3G mobile internet access

By: Julia Sieger Follow | Camille FEVRIER | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

Cuba has announced that 3G internet access is now available for mobile phone users across the country. The small Caribbean island lags behind in terms of online connectivity, a legacy of government control of communications. Public access to the web in Cuba was limited to tourist hotels until 2013, when the government finally decided to open wifi hotspots and internet cafés. While mobile internet access will be very expensive to use, it's set to help a vibrant community of vloggers.


Meanwhile, as Venezuela's economic and political crisis deepens, insecurity is also on the rise. But some citizens, who have decided to stay in the country, are fighting back against violent crime.

And Brazilian footballer Marta Vieira da Silva, who has won FIFA's best female player six times, has become the first woman to enter the Macarana Stadium Hall of Fame. She's been given the privilege of dipping her feet in cement and leaving her footprints in the Walk of Fame of the stadium's museum.

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