Netanyahu to 'legalise' more settler homes after West Bank attack

Jerusalem (AFP) –


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will legalise thousands of settlement homes built without even Israeli permits in the occupied West Bank following a deadly attack, he announced Thursday.

All settlements are considered illegal under international law, but Israel draws a distinction between those it sanctions and those constructed without permission.

Netanyahu's office said in a statement he would seek to legalise thousands of homes built without Israeli permits in the West Bank.

He would also look into building 82 new homes in Ofra, a settlement near to where Thursday's attack took place.

"They think they can uproot us from our land, they will not succeed," he said in a statement.

Netanyahu also said they would be seeking to speed up the process of destroying homes of Palestinian attackers, so it takes place within 48 hours, as well as withdrawing Israeli work permits for family members of assailants.

The international community considers Israeli settlement building a major obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace, though Netanyahu's government denies this.