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Overworked Koreans pay to get locked up in fake prison

In South Korea, some people pay to be locked up in special mock prisons to escape their overly demanding work or academic lives. In one of the most overworked countries, with a high rate of suicides, some Koreans say this “fake prison” gives them the freedom they no longer have. At the price of $90 per day, they pay to sleep on the floor in solitary confinement, with no contact with the outside world. For many, it’s a chance to get away from it all.


And in India, many of the country’s poor are collecting recyclables for profit, incidentally cleaning up the streets as they look for ways to survive. But the so-called “ragpickers” are a largely neglected and overlooked community. Sanam Shantyaei reports.

Finally, Japan’s Ama community is shrinking. The free-diving fisherwomen have developed extraordinary abilities to stay underwater without using tanks. We take a closer look at the dwindling practice.

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