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Flavours of Iraq: Feurat Alani's bittersweet memories

This week, Middle East Matters focuses on Iraq and welcomes Feurat Alani, a Franco-Iraqi journalist who has authored "Flavours of Iraq", a series of short animations which will be broadcast on FRANCE 24. The first episode takes us on a journey to Iraq with a young Feurat aged 9. We discover his country through his eyes, tasting with him his favourite apricot ice cream, smelling the gunpowder and hearing the sound of bombs. He tells us more about his story and his vision of Iraq.


Back in December 2017, Iraq's prime minister officially declared victory over the Islamic State group in the country. Unlike other parts of northern Iraq that continue to suffer from the extremist group's resurgence, Anbar province is today deemed to be relatively safe. But the pace of reconstruction has been slow. Our correspondent Simona Foltyn reports.

And Baghdad's Green Zone has reopened in parts. The area, home to foreign embassies and key ministries, had been off-limits to ordinary Iraqis since the 2003 US-led invasion.

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